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End of the year..

Well as 2008 starts to pack up and roll out of town, I feel it is time to reflect…

2008 has overally been a pretty bad year; Waynes health never seems to be getting better.

The two good things to come from 2008 are the Wedding, and the new people we have met during the year. Other than that, I cannot wait to push the old year out the front door.

Today, I have finally got around to making changes on my blog… it seems like months since I last made a post. For 2009, I want to post much more regularly.

Since my last post, I finished the multi-site thing I was on about. I have decided not to release it though as it involves seriously hacking away at the Etomite core. I am going to wait for the next update to Etomite before I publish a how-to… fingers crossed it should not be too far away.

Also, 2008 saw the rebirth of – the site has got many good things planned for the year.. keep checking the site out!

Anyway, if you are reading this, all the best for 2009!