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How Not To Get Customers

Well that was weird; I just got MSN’ed from a guy trying to sell his services to me – it was … I couldn’t remember where I’d heard the MSN name from before, and then it came to me. I’d previously been spammed by this user before, trying to sell their outsourcing service to me.

The conversation started polite, the user asked me how I was, to which I replied I was fine, and I asked how I could help the person.

Then I got a message back with the person asking if I had any web design projects; this is where I recalled the prior e-Mail. I simply said that I wasn’t interested, sorry – and closed the MSN window.

I then got another message from this user with the smiley showing an angry face, and why not below it.. I ignored the message and closed the window.

The next message just astounded me; it quite simply said “Fuck You” .. that was it – nothing less, nothing more. I wrote back “Excuse Me?” but the message was bounced back to me; i’d been blocked.

Personally, I’d advise everyone to keep away from this person/organization.. highly unprofessional to say the least. I just hope now that anyone googling this guy’s MSN comes across this post and steers clear of said user.