Let me explain a little about myself. I’m 30, and I live in Preston which is in Lancashire.

I was born hearing, to hearing parents. Later on in my life I became deafened. How did this happen I hear you ask? Well the consultant at the hospital has said it’s through post-traumatic Ménière’s Disease following a head injury when I was younger. I now have lost a huge chunk of my hearing (and am now classed as severely deaf), and sometimes wear both my hearing aids – sometime only one… and sometimes none. It depends on how good my hearing is that day, and if I am just not in the mood for all the noise that my hearing aids allow me to hear. I know some BSL, but am not fluent BSL (nor do I ever plan to be) – i’m medically deaf, not culturally deaf. Sometimes i’ll sign, sometimes I will talk, sometimes I will do both. It depends on my mood and how I think i’m going to be able to communicate easiest. So, there you go.